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Industry-Related Expedited FBI Background Checks

FastFingerprints can expedite non-criminal background checks for specific industries such as Government Agencies, Federally Assisted Housing, SWFT, Federally Chartered Financial Institutions and more. Industry related non-criminal background check reports can supply you with the critical information that makes your decision making process as quick and easy as possible.

FastFingerprints is an FBI-approved Channeler that serves as the conduit for submitting fingerprints to the FBI and receiving the FBI criminal history record information (CHRI), on behalf of an Authorized Recipient (AR), for authorized noncriminal justice purposes.  The FBI conducts national fingerprint‐based criminal history record checks for noncriminal justice purposes when authorized by a Federal or State statute that has been approved by the U.S. Attorney General. Only a United States company that has the statutory authority to submit fingerprints to the FBI and receive the FBI CHRI may use an FBI-approved Channeler.

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Industries that can become an Authorized Recipient

Government Agencies


Federal Assisted Housing


Attorney Request


Tribal Organizations

Federally Chartered Financial Institutions