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FastFingerprints has expanded its Florida fingerprint services via the Columbus (Bethel Road) Ohio office.  FastFingerprints is now able to accept fingerprint cards from out-of-state individuals wishing to obtain a Florida background check.

Previously, FastFingerprints only offered out-of-state residents Level 2 Live scan fingerprinting, (sent electronically to Florida Department of Law Enforcement) from the Columbus, Beachwood, and Westlake, Ohio offices.  An individual must be present at one of these locations, in order to submit their fingerprints.  All three locations are FDLE approved and certified to submit fingerprints and the photo, required by AHCA and DOH, directly to the FDLE.

As of February 3, 2014, FastFingerprints’ new Florida fingerprint card submission process allows individuals, not currently living in Florida or Ohio, to mail fingerprint cards to FastFingerprints, which are then scanned, and electronically submitted to FDLE.  The fingerprints are processed through the FDLE, and results are delivered to the state agency requesting the background check.  All fingerprint cards must be sent to the Bethel Road, Columbus, OH office.