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FastFingerprints is here to help daycares ensure that criminals are not hired to take care of Ohio’s most precious commodity – our children! Please call us to schedule a mobile appointment right away!! We will visit your site and fingerprint everyone on site. A minimum of 25 transactions are required. If you don’t have 25 and can work with a neighboring daycare within a mile to total a minimum of 25, we will make the trip. Let us help you be compliant with employee background checks, before the passing of House Bill 64.

READ THE 10tv STORY BELOW: 10 Investigates found dozens of daycares across the state who hired employees with violent and drug-filled histories to care for Ohio’s children. Lawmakers were shocked at our findings and now, they’re demanding change. A Central Ohio lawmaker has added language to the state’s budget bill that could change how daycares are monitored; and we are told other amendments are in the works. There are three pending proposals that can affect day cares, including one that would allow state inspectors to immediately shut down daycares while they look into allegations of criminal employees working inside. 10 Investigates reviewed almost 2,500 daycares from around the state and uncovered at least 125 different centers have hired criminals or were cited by the state for incomplete criminal records. 10 Investigates brought its findings to state lawmakers.

See the entire report at (